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We are passionate, driven and talented developers based in Seattle, WA. We work with startups, marketing agencies and enterprise companies to craft and launch big ideas.

Web Applications

We build web and SaaS applications using the latest client-side technologies and cloud infrastructure.

Business Workflow Automation

We integrate dozens of SaaS products and APIs to create custom software solutions that can streamline business processes.

Mobile Applications

We craft beautiful Android, iOS and cross platform applications using the latest SDKs.

Cloud Migration

We can set up cloud infrastructure and migrate business data to cloud services.

Our Satisfied Customers

  • "I cannot rave enough about the quality of work, level of communication, technical thought leadership, and overall customer care we got from the Lunarbyte team. They are responsive and provided great advice and direction for some of the more nuanced technical plans. Definitely some of the best developers we've ever worked with."

    Gary Beyers

    Co-founder, Preflight Mitigator

  • "The Lunarbyte team is extremely detailed oriented when it comes to planning, testing, and implementing software solutions. They serve as more than just a software development firm, but rather an experienced CTO to help you move the needle across the entire business."

    Jesse Neugarten

    CEO & Founder, Dollar Flight Club

  • "The Lunarbyte team hit it out of the park. The team migrated all of our existing data to the cloud, created a custom software solution and integrated multiple SaaS products for our business. They helped us streamline our business processes and saved our team time!"

    Luis Ortega

    CEO, Storytellers for Change

How we work

We care about launching successful software projects with agile development methodologies. We are lean, focused and transparent. Our approach is outlined in the following phases.

Business Requirements & Assessment

During this phase, we will establish the project requirements, triage, prioritize and create milestones. Additionally, we will set all communication channels and project management tools.

Architecture & Software Design

Based on the established software requirements we will create architectural and software designs. During this phase we will manage risk and uncover major technical challenges.

Software Implementation

We follow agile development processes and will keep you engaged throughout the entire development cycle by giving you full access to our project management tools.

Launching & Beyond

We execute a successful lift off and help you reach new heights. Our team continues to provide development and support services.


Our team at Lunarbyte has expertise working with various front-end and server side technologies. We can help you pick a brand new technology stack or evaluate your existing stack.

Front-end Technologies

Javascript, ReactJS, AngularJS, Angular2, HTML, CSS, SASS, Wordpress, Android and iOS.

Server Side Technologies

Express (NodeJS), C# (.NET), PHP (Laravel), Java, Restful APIs, SQL Server, Nginx, MYSQL, Postgress, and Elastic Search.

Cloud Platforms

Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Integration Technologies

We have expertise working with the top SaaS platform APIs. We can create a custom integration or use integration platforms like to automate your business processes.

Our Team

We have a proven track record of working for startup and enterprise companies. We understand what it takes takes to launch quality software. Our team is lean and focused. We are passionate about crafting innovative software solutions for challenging business problems.

Co-owner Francisco

Francisco Navarro

CEO & Software Engineer

Co-owner Ben

Benjamin Daschel

CTO & Software Engineer

Eduardo Sainos

Software Engineer

Jonathan Huth

Software Engineer

Josh Harshman

Security Architect

Alice Huang

UX | UI Designer

Why Choose Us

Our team is based in Seattle and, yes, we love coffee!

Communication and transparancy. We are responsive and you can always reach us via Slack, email or SMS.

We care about your idea and creating a long-term partnership with your team.

We are a talented team of developers with experience launching software products.

Awards & Reviews

We are a top notch software development lab and we have outstanding customer reviews that showcase that.

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