marketplace is the first marketplace that empowers Latino communities to fully participate in e-commerce by selling and buying products in Spanish.

Role: Role: is a project of the Lunarbyte team. We researched the market and saw an opening for a peer to peer Spanish language marketplace. marketplace screenshot

APIs integrated:
Hubspot, Microsoft Translate, Facebook, Stripe, Easypost, Sendgrid.

The tech stack:
Nginx, Elastic Search, AngularJS, PHP (Laravel), MySQL, AWS EC2, AWS S3

Starbucks Android App

Pay in store using the app, place an order ahead of time, get personalized offers, find nearby Starbucks stores, and purchase gift cards.

Role: Ben worked as a developer on the Starbucks Android team. He worked on payment, gifting, and mobile ordering features. Additionally, he mentored junior team members and introduced Kotlin as part of an effort modernize and overhaul the codebase.

APIs integrated:
Spotify, Google Maps, Chase Pay.

The tech stack:
Android SDK, Kotlin, Volley.


Drag and drop API connector. Connect any service to any other service through a powerful web interface. Design custom workflows to seamlessly integrate your SaaS tools.

Role: Francisco joined the Azuqua team during the acquisition of Socedo. He served the role of a full stack developer with focus on the UI and enabling new functionalities for connector developers. He also implemented backend infrastructure to expand Oauth types of authentication for connectors. animated gif; drag and drop interface to easily connect APIs

APIs integrated:
Mailchimp, Salesforce, Slack, Sendgrid, Zendesk, Gettyimages, Hubspot, Google, JIRA...

The tech stack:
ReactJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Nginx, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, AWS.

Socedo lead generation

Socedo has the largest source of B2B intent data from Twitter. You can use our solutions to identify in-market prospects based on real-time behaviors. Find new leads or revive existing leads in your database based on keywords found in Tweets, engagements with your competitors or any other entity on Twitter.

Role: Role: | Francisco was a core member of the Socedo development team from their early days. Frank was responsible for creating the UI of the Socedo web application, overhauling their landing page, and modernizing the front-end codebase.

APIs integrated:
Angular2, .NET, C#, Elastic Search, SQLServer, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform.

The tech stack:
Twitter, Linkedin, Hubspot, Microsoft Translate, Facebook, Stripe, Easypost, Sendgrid.